Head n Shoulders Knees n Toes


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About My Challenge

Blend the well known kid's song " Head n Shoulders Knees n Toes" to creative heights. First part of it is to Musically present in 5 different genres - Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Indian Classical and Bollywood. Second part is to choreograph Dance in different styles and teach to many kids as possible to perform virtually during covid19 and on stage after.

About Me

I would like to introduce my TEAM:

Karen Usha: An accomplished soprano with the ability to transcend her classical training and bring versatility to the genres of gospel, jazz & contemporary music. Karen is a vocal coach and music therapist at SAAAC. You will hear her amazing voice with different genres in the coming weeks.

Vidushan Jeyakumar: One of SAAAC's hero. Vidushan is a talented young man who is a Dancer, singer and a very caring person. He is an employee of Saravanabhavan ( A popular South Indian Restaurant). Can't wait to see Vidushan dancing for all those dance styles.....

Geetha Moorthy

My own personal journey with arts began when I was 5 years old in the town of Kandy in Sri Lanka.”

This is the opportunity for me to merge my passions together and do what’s needed to make not only my dream but many families dream a reality.

I love Dance, I Love SAAAC, I love Children.

Music: Karen Usha Gray and featuring Lil Gray on vocals and production.

Dance: Geetha Moorthy & Vidushan Jeyakumar


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