30K in a day Rollerblade Challenge - Conquer Ajax Waterfront Trail

by Amir Akbari



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Hey Everyone!

Excited to be back for SAAAC's Virtual Walk-a-thon this summer!

This year my challenge will focus on rollerblading again. I plan to conquer 30K in one day by completing the entire Ajax Waterfront Trail (31.5km). I will complete this challenge in the first week of August and will spend June & July training and getting ready.

Why Rollerblading - The first sport I feel in love with was roller hockey as a child. I remember spending entire summer days out on the courts playing hockey with friends and neighbours. Inline hockey is still one of my favorite activities and I miss it greatly since we've been in lockdown. I hope that with this challenge I can find that energy and passion again and get fit and healthy this summer.

My Fitness Plan - I will set weekly targets of total KM covered. Each month I will increase those targets to push myself further as I get into shape.

June - 15 KM each week

July - 20 KM each week

August - 30KM in one day

Join me - I hope you can join me in rollerblading this summer or support my challenging by making a small donation and spreading the word. Our community needs us more then ever now, let's come together and #MAKEEVERYSTEPCOUNT!


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