Push Yourself Further or Climb a Little Higher


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About My Challenge

My challenge is to push yourself a little bit harder than normal. Whether that be an extra kilometre or two on your run, climbing a big hill, (one that you may normally avoid), on your bike, climbing those stairs, etc. Having a routine is great, but sometimes pushing yourself to where you are uncomfortable is exactly what your body needs to adapt and change for the better! I encourage you to get outside (if possible) and walk a little bit further, run a little bit faster, or bike a little bit higher. One of the best feelings, is beating your previous self! ;) Go set some new PB's (personal bests)! Take care, stay safe, and if you can, please donate! :) #MakeEveryStepCount #SAAACWalkAThon #SAAACChallenge

About Me

I am a current Team Canada athlete, training towards Tokyo 2021*. I compete in track cycling and joined the sport only a few years ago. I am really excited to be apart of the SAAAC Virtual Walkathon and am hoping to raise some awareness and donations for this awesome organization!

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    Nicole Ruptash

    Challenge accepted. What that challenege is... I do not know yet!

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    Holly Herbert

    Enjoying some outside exercise classes that have started up again and lots of walks with our dogs.

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    Valerie Mitchell

    Did a bunch of weeding...not biking up to Rattlesnake Point but got a good sweat as I hauled on that crab grass!!

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    Katherine Waddell