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by Anish & Alisha Krishanthan




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Kids Help Kids is a non-profit organization that strives to take on initiatives that are based on empowering youth. Founded by Alisha Krishanthan, the goal has been to empower other kids through our academic initiatives. With the pandemic, there has been a lack of physical activity, especially with kids. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

I Anish have the goal to do weight resistance training 5 days a week and run 4km for 3 of those days as well. I will eat a protein-rich and healthy diet. My goal is to increase my amount of pull-ups from 8 to 17.

I Alisha have the goal to increase my 4km running time. I will post my first time today and document my improvement over the next three months. My goal is based on the grade 9 girls Ontario race. I want to have my time place in the top 50 of girls in Ontario. This time is 17:38:98 minutes.

We can still remember participating in a lot of the SAAAC's activities when we were very young and now that we are older, we want to contribute and help SAAAC reach it's goal.

We hope to raise $1000 in these next 3 months for SAAAC Autism Centre.

Keep checking our page for updates and our progress.

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  • Anonymous


    Good luck Anish and Alisha. This is a great initiative you both have embarked on. You are both setting a great example for other youth to follow.

  • Austin Jia


    Good luck on your goals!

  • Kieran Mulroy


    Thanks for your visit. Best wishes for every success in your fund raising efforts in support of those living with autism.

  • brett valliant

  • Youlanda Adelle Hart


    Great work guys! Thanks for bringing awareness to this great cause.