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About My Challenge

Join my challenge for SAAAC's virtual Walk-A-Thon! Together we will run or walk a total of 45 KM from August 2nd to August 9th, and along the way I am going to share my top tips on health and wellbeing. We are going to look at running technique, nutrition, stretch and strengthening exercises, mindfulness, and practising gratitude.

Running for me is always a challenge, but when I commit to getting outside I am always grateful for the time in nature, the fresh air and having time to process what's on my mind. For this challenge, I want to build on my endurance and will run an extra kilometer everyday. Sounds like a plan?

Here's our challenge:

August 2nd - 5KM

August 3rd - 6KM

August 4th - REST

August 5th - 7KM

August 6th - 8KM

August 7th - REST

August 8th - 9KM

August 9th - 10KM

To get there be sure to follow my weekly videos on twitter @CareHage where i will be posting recommendations and sharing some of my favourite ways to keep healthy and happy.

#MakeEveryStepCount #SAAACWalkAThon #SAAACChallenge

About Me

I'm Carrie Hage and I am an Artist-Educator and Autism Advocate. I first collaborated with SAAAC in 2015 on the Sensory Storytelling Project ( and since then I have worked with SAAAC on several storytelling projects and also directed Silver Linings: An Autism Musical in 2018.

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