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About My Challenge

Are You Ready to Dance Your Heart Out?

I have always been a huge admirer of SAAAC and all the work they have been doing. This was the perfect way for me to get involved! I am so excited to invite you to join my challenge where you and your families get to learn fun dance moves for a great cause! This means we can stay active! I'll help you get your hearts pumping, bodies moving, and you'll get your cardio in without even realizing you're working out:) Every challenge will be a different South Asian dance style so stay tuned & join me on the fun! Let's #MakeEveryStepCount

About Me

Hey Everyone!

My name is Anoshinie Muhundarajah and I am a Performing Artist and Educator based in Toronto, Ontario. I'm a trained Bharthanatyam and Bollywood dancer and currently training in Street Styles. I love teaching, learning, evolving and most importantly making a difference in whatever way I can with the platform I continue to build. I really believe in what SAAAC is doing and because I'm a huge advocate for using the arts to connect with people and inspire people, I knew I wanted to join in on this awesome initiative!

Thank you for visiting my pledge page and I hope you'll join me on this journey because it'll be a fun one I promise:)

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