MW Experiences Walk Towards Wellness Challenge

by Marisa Wong




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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Walk Towards Wellness Challenge! 

My name is Marisa Wong, and I am the CEO and Founder of MW Experiences, the leading global brand of world-class sports and wellness experiences, and a proud SAAAC Virtual Walk-A-Thon Captain!

My primary belief around health and wellness is that everybody needs to take care of themselves. Staying active through numerous activities, including yoga, running, hiking, lifting, playing sports, and most importantly, WALKING, is essential for your overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Therefore, we challenge YOU to get outside and walk or meditate once a day. Walking is often times a way of meditation. It allows you to clear your mind, channel your energy and take time for you. 

No matter how far you choose to walk, or how long you choose to meditate, we encourage you to get out there and take those steps towards wellness in support of SAAAC and all the incredible work they do for the community around them. 

We can’t wait to get out there and get moving on behalf of a great cause, and we hope you join us!

Thanks for your support!


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