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About the Ratnavels

Our family strongly believes in giving back — as such, we have been supporting SAAAC with its valiant efforts to stamp out obstacles and bring awareness to issues surrounding Autism. We have also been involved in philanthropic causes related to mental illness — including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year as a family to bring attention to, shatter the stigma of, and raise money for the fight against these debilitating health issues that we have for far too long ignored as a community.

Roy Ratnavel is the Head of Distribution at CI Investments and Executive Vice-President of CI Financial Corp. He currently leads CI’s National Sales team that oversees retail assets across Canada as well as the development of sales strategies and initiatives that make use of CI’s diverse lineup of investment solutions. Roy is a mentor to many and an avid writer.

About the Challenge

Roy will provide a series of videos called ‘Leadership Fitness’ during this challenge — to help current leaders enhance their skill sets and to inspire aspiring leaders of the future. These videos will focus on both mental and physical fitness.

Sue, Aaron and I thank you for your support. We are stronger together!

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