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About My Challenge

In the upcoming weeks, I will be creating videos that focus on mental wellness, staying active and physical distancing. These tips will aim to help the general public, as well as other policing members of my staff, to stay informed and healthy - both physically and mentally. I’d like to personally challenge the other Police Chiefs across Ontario and Canada, to take part in the challenge and donate to a worthy cause.

About Me

As Peel Region’s Chief of Police, it’s my pleasure and duty to stay connected to the community. My philosophy in creating a safer community also includes the premise of having everyone included and feeling welcomed, regardless of their abilities and background, as contributing members of society. SAAAC Autism Centre provides the needed resources and support to offer this to its families and students. As a Board Member, it is my pleasure to take part in their virtual Walk-A-Thon and help to raise funds towards this initiative. 

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