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About My Challenge

This year SAAAC’s Walk-a-Thon is going virtual. It has been a challenge to navigate the drastic changes in our lives. There is No Day Program for Kevin to go to as SAAAC is closed due to the pandemic. Keeping him active and challenged is not an easy task. He is not a fan of walking much. As everyone knows, Kevin is on the Autism Spectrum. He is very routine oriented and needs everything set in an order. This year we are challenging ourselves as a family to walk in our neighbourhood to raise awareness and funds for SAAAC Autism Centre. SAAAC has been there for our family since we joined this organization. Kevin enjoys going there and now he misses it. We are hoping the funds raised from our challenge will help Children/ Youth/ Adults on the spectrum to learn basic life skills to be able to live independently.

The challenge is from August 2 - 9, 2020. We as a family want to walk and complete 100 K STEPS in that week. Kevin will be walking along side us so that we can monitor his number of steps. #MakeEveryStepCount! by supporting us and donating to our challenge this year. We will be updating our page daily on the number of steps we have completed for that day.

Silhouette foot steps, Harry Potter Hogwarts Cricut, footprint ...

August 2 – 5 K

August 3 – 15 K

August 4 – 20 K

August 5 – 20 K

August 6 – 20 K

August 7 – 15 K

August 8 – 5 K

August 9 – Rest Day

About Me

We are 4 in our family. Kevin our eldest on the spectrum and Joel our second and the baby of the family with Ronnie and me. We are very passionate about the Autism cause since it is very personal to us. We are hoping our challenge and the funds raised from it will work towards making life better for everyone who has a child on the spectrum in their family. We relate to all the hardships each family goes through to make life bearable. We will go above and beyond to be that family, who is understanding and willing to help families who come to SAAAC. #MakeEveryStepCount! Silhouette foot steps, Harry Potter Hogwarts Cricut, footprint ...

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