Geetha Moorthy

Raised $15,721.00

This year, I will be walking for children and families who desperately need access to critical autism therapies. Our mission at the SAAAC Autism Centre is to make autism support accessible and equitable to the families we serve. The proceeds from this year's event will establish the Chance Fund - a fund that will help subsidize costs of expensive autism therapies, making them affordable to families in need. By supporting me on this walk, you will be supporting hundreds of families get the help they need. Thank you. 


  • Sivagnanam Sritharan$5,000.00

  • Tony Balasingham$4,000.00

  • senthuran Punithavel$500.00

  • Hector Joseph$500.00

  • Geetha Moorthy$500.00

  • 3303128 Canada Inc.$500.00

  • Mathan Shan$500.00

  • Kingsley Sebastianpillai$500.00

  • Yohan Balasingham$500.00

  • JetSpeed Travel & Tours .$400.00

  • Haran Moorthy$350.00

  • Mohammad Zubairi$280.00

  • Cecilia Jeganathan$250.00

  • Kanayasamy Raviandran$200.00

  • S. Loganathan$200.00

  • Yarlini Rajkumar$200.00

  • Suganya Amirthanlingam$150.00

  • Kalaichelvi Benedict$110.00

  • Abirami Ananthan$101.00

  • Joseph Edward$100.00

  • Shanthi Ragaratnam$100.00

  • Ravindren Sivapalan$100.00

  • Mary Jeganathan$100.00

  • Nicolas Jeganathan$100.00

  • Antony Jeganathan$100.00

  • Ely Bezaquen$100.00

  • Nila Mathivannan$60.00

  • Anisha Rajkumar$50.00

  • Corrine Yong$50.00

  • Sahana Jeyakumar$50.00

  • Myuran Balasubramaniam$50.00